Handmade jewellery by Robin Cassady-Cain
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Maker’s Statement

Defining a personal style brings with it a danger that you may constrict future growth and become confined to that definition. As with other facets of my life, as a designer and maker, I want to move forward, challenge myself, my ideas and my perception of things. Currently, I favour clean lines and abstract shapes.  I like to think of my pieces as being contemporary but with an element of originality.  The majority are unique and one of kind, not only because each piece is made by hand, but because I don’t enjoy doing the same thing over and over, and am always trying to push forward with new ideas, growing and developing in my craft.

Design doesn’t happen in a vacuum and I find inspiration all around me, in living and inanimate objects.  I have a lifelong obsession with trees and water, and favour incorporation of texture and colour in my work, mainly through using different metals and precious/semi-precious stones.


About the Maker

I don’t think of myself as an artist, which is why I’ve entitled this section “About the Maker”. Although I’ve been crafty and creative all my life, it has tended to be on the practical side.  I grew up with with a family that valued the traditional “home maker” crafts like sewing and knitting, and from there my repertoire has grown to include photography, felting, and of  course, jewelry!

I’ve had a long standing fascination with jewelry and “sparkly things” since I was a young girl.  It started out with a fascination for beading, and progressed to putting things on silver wire.  I even thought about training as a goldsmith for a full time career at one point, but decided to become a scientist instead.  Then, about five years ago, I was looking to take a night class doing something “crafty” and found a beginners metalsmithing class instead, and I was hooked!  Eventually my husband decided it wasn’t just a phase that I was going through and bought me a proper jeweler’s bench, and now I’m lucky enough to have a small room studio in the flat where we currently live in Edinburgh.  It’s a long way from the small corner of our bedroom that I used to occupy!